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Moïo Studio Shop

All of the work is handmade by Maia Beyrouti in her studio in Berlin. The glazes are developed in the studio, they are the consequence of serendipity, research and testing. Each project begins with an emotional impulse, a desire for a certain process and balance of form, and is ultimately an ongoing conversation that develops between the artist, the clay and the glaze.

Pearl Mythologies

The project stemmed from a desire to make a tactile crawl glaze and offers an ode to the vase. It is the only project from the studio specifically looking at this function and the forms reflect something functional yet elegant, taking cues from ancient grain vessels and paper cones of wrapped flowers.
Enquire about these pieces.

Shadows & Voids

A black glossy glaze with varying silver accents asked for pieces that were bold and playful, allowing for an ongoing enquiry into handles. Enquire about these pieces

Berlin / Bristol

Vessels covered in a silky cream-coloured Bristol glaze with grey accents that pools into glossy golden crystals at the seams. The pieces have been given the names of various bee species.  Enquire about these vessels.