Modern Ancestors

The Modern Ancestors collection from Moïo Studio is made up of sculptural ceramic vessels, handmade using a mixture of wheel-work and hand building techniques. The pieces have elegant modern shapes and are covered with an ultramarine blue lava glaze, which behaves differently on the pieces depending on its thickness and method of application, creating a variety of gradients and effects and giving them a very tactile feel. The pieces work as a family, translating a feeling that mixes a contemporary aliveness with a sense of something ancient and timeless.

The collection is made up of one-off pieces as well as some specific designs in a limited editions of 100. The glazing varies on each piece, and the limited edition items are glazed individually in such a way to vary the results, creating vessels that have been hand-picked by the artist to be part of that edition.

The forms come from a personal visual vocabulary initially developed for the artist’s paintings, using a set of rules to generate shapes using Le Corbusier’s Modulor grid as a baseline.

The inherent feeling of both nowness and timelessness in the pieces conceptualises a desire to hold space for something that might return – like a form of remembering – both on the personal plane, for the artist, but also the ancestral and collective one. They hold space for this idea both literally as physical vessels but also symbolically as objets d’art, manifesting a preoccupation with memory inspired by the artist’s background in conservation but also her identity as a Palestinian.

The result is a combination of an affinity for this particular blue, an interest in architectural forms and principles as well as Maia’s background in conservation and cultural & historical studies. As a first major collection, it is a very personal expression of her personality, identity and affinities.

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