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This piece is part of the Modern Ancestors project, a series of handmade sculptural vessels all featuring a cobalt blue lava glaze, which reveals small spots of gold where the glaze breaks to reveal the clay body underneath.

This piece is made to order, production time before delivery is 6-8 weeks.

I have made various iterations of this form, but each remains unique as I allow the making of it to define the outcome, and do not produce it to exact specifications, so it can have a longer neck, a wider rim, however the clay goes that day. The project is an ongoing research into shapes as well as the variations of the blue glaze, which behaves differently depending on its thickness and method of application.

The pieces can look particularly striking as a family when multiple sizes are combined.

Weight .800 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 18 cm

Blue lava glaze on tan stoneware


Modern Ancestors


Made by hand on the wheel

Care Instructions
Hand wash gently with soap and hot water.
I recommend using your hands or very soft brush to wash it.
Allow to air-dry.
Do not allow to soak in liquids for prolonged period of time.
Not suitable for food or drinks.