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Moïo Studio  /// Press Release /// collectible 2021

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Four new projects of sculptural vessels and ceramic objects by Moïo Studio on view at Collectible Salon.

With a focus on expressive surfaces and ancient, elegant forms, these latest projects are a result of the studio’s ongoing glaze and materials research. All pieces are unique and handmade in the first months of 2021 by French-Palestinian artist Maia Beyrouti.

Pearl Mythologies

The project stemmed from a desire to make a tactile crawl glaze and offers an ode to the vase. It is the only project from the studio specifically looking at this function and the forms reflect something functional yet elegant, taking cues from ancient grain vessels and paper cones of wrapped flowers.

Shadows & Voids

A black glossy glaze with varying silver accents asked for pieces that were bold and playful, allowing for an ongoing enquiry into handles. Inspired by gestural accidents inherent in the making process, the handles are assembled onto the vessel in increasingly spontaneous or unusual ways.

Gum delirium

A new series of small, totemic vessels that mix psychedelic cartoon characters with a chewed gum glaze, meeting forms from something ancient, recognisable and grounding. Each piece represents an abstracted sense of time and place that the ancient world, the dream world, and the real world inhabit together.


The sculptural work of Maia Beyrouti explores Jungian Archetypes and overlooked details. The pieces are the result of an inquiry that happens directly with the material in the studio.

Pieces on Show
These pieces are the coalescence of months of testing and research that happened through the winter. From the large expressive black vases of the Shadows & Voids project exploring the symbolism of handles, to the small totemic pink vases of Gum Delirium that came from a desire for personal connection and lightness of being, this hybrid presentation combines Maia’s interests in tools and ergonomics with a fascination for Jungian archetypes. Vessels are a perfect medium for this, with handles not only becoming decorative but sculptural, and continuing their own journey into questions of utility. The white Pearl Mythologies vessels centre around the movement of the white crawl glaze, and is an ode to the flower vase, to the functional.

The sculptural objects explore a combination of ancient forms and overlooked details, looking at the archetypes found in forms like the arch or the tube and using the materiality of the glaze and additions to the clay to create soft or raw surfaces. There is a desire to create pieces that are both tactile and contemplative as well as being bold and elegant.


The results of the studio’s ongoing glaze testing is one of the two starting points for a project, and informs the surface treatment, or how the project will end, the other is the emotional impulse that dictates how the project will start. In the studio the creation of each object is process-led and comes together through the development of technique and materials research. The work embraces serendipity with gestural accidents, torn edges and discarded offcuts that are inherent to the making process often coming back into the design as intentional acts.

Moïo Studio
Moïo Studio is the Berlin-based ceramic art studio of French-Palestinian artist Maia Beyrouti. It was started in 2016 to develop a body of work investigating the role of objects that bridge art, craft, and design. All of the work is handmade by the artist in her studio, and is the result of exploring forms and techniques inspired by architecture, raw materials, and celebrating mundane, utilitarian or overlooked details.


Contact: Maia Beyrouti
E-mail: m@moiostudio.com
Telephone: +49 (0)15123670770

Web page: www.moiostudio.com
Instagram : @moio.studio



Name: Moïo Studio
Event: Collectible Salon / Design Fair
Dates: May 26th-30th

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